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Air travel with animals - which companies are allowed into the cabin

Not every one of us agrees to place our dog or cat in the cargo hold, especially if this is the first flight, and the animal is shy. For a pet, the very fact of traveling can be a big stress, not to mention separation from the owner. And you are unlikely to be calm without seeing how your baby feels. Let's find out which airlines allow pets on the plane.

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Living room furniture

Without furniture it is impossible to imagine any room. For the main room of the house - a living room, there are several types.

Living room furniture:

  • for relaxation - couch, sofa, armchairs;
  • for technology and books - slides, walls, cabinets and racks;
  • additional - coffee tables, ottomans.

To create a common image of the interior of the living room, the furniture should be made in a single style, the color scheme.