The best areas of Sochi

Before we learn the best areas of Sochi for permanent residence, it is worth to get acquainted with the surroundings. After all, its territory is divided into the city of Sochi and Greater Sochi. In order to take the second place in the world in the list of the most extensive cities, the Soviet authorities have brought all the surrounding suburbs (villages) into the city territory and now it looks like this.

Большой Сочи

Although in fact Sochi looks like this!

Сочи город (малый)

The city is divided into 4 districts:

  • Central;
  • Lazarevsky;
  • Hostinsky;
  • Adler.


Карта районов Сочи

The central district is the city of Sochi itself, the rest are named for the largest settlements: Lazarevskoye, Khosta and Adler. All of them are not independent cities, but administrative centers of the districts of the city of Sochi. Therefore, having rested in Lazarevsky, you can say with certainty that you were vacationing in Sochi, although in fact you did not visit there.

The best areas of Sochi for living

From such a wide variety it is difficult to single out one or several ideal regions, at least from the fact that each of us has his own selection criteria. However, after talking with local realtors you understand the preferences of those coming to Sochi for permanent residence. By the way, come in large numbers here called bzhdyh.

1 category bzhdyh wants to live in the very center where life does not cease for a minute ... Cafes, shops, crowds of people scurrying back and forth with inflatable mattresses under their arm. They have a great sea view and all the resort infrastructure.

2 category just wants to have a "view of the sea", but at the same time in the district should not be tourists, but local. From the infrastructure, schools, children's sections, parks are more interesting.

3 category wants to enjoy peace and tranquility, a view of the sea is desirable, but more important is its step-by-step accessibility, nature and fresh air.

4 category bzhdyh agrees to remote areas, plus a view of the mountains, the sea from there, as a rule, is not visible. But this is not so important, safety and social infrastructure are much more valuable, because they come from the whole family with their children. They want to enjoy nature, the sea and other delights exclusively on weekends, during their free time and study time.

Also it is worth to divide visitors to those who want to live in a house for one family (cottage, townhouse) and those who prefer only apartments.

However, which area of Sochi you will not choose, what type of housing will not be preferred - there is one drawback. In Sochi, a very expensive property at a price comparable to Moscow. Perhaps this is how the "crowds of people who want to move to permanent residence" are held back here. Therefore, mostly square meters are purchased by wealthy local or rich people from other regions of the Russian Federation. The first buy housing for rent, the second for the rest of his family. As a result, local residents suffer, since most of the business is aimed at servicing tourists.

Hence the second problem of Sochi - the low development of the social sphere for those who live on an ongoing basis. The only most developed city in the vicinity is Krasnodar. It is in him come Sochi to get high-tech medical care, in Krasnodar universities go to study graduating from school. In Krasnodar they go for technology and brand things, here they are cheaper. However, not all approaches to Krasnodar have converged, for example, construction and heating materials are cheaper to take in Novorossiysk. In general, living in Sochi, you have to learn where and what to buy. Accordingly, the car will not be a pleasant bonus for skating along the coast, but a necessity for purchasing various goods.

The best Sochi districts for the first category

The ideal place to stay will be the Central District, Zavokzalny and Zarechny microdistricts. They are close to the city center. The maximum distance is expressed in two stops of public transport. Prestigious and the neighborhood Svetlana. It is located a little further, from advantages - on its territory the Sochi Dendrarium and the Circus is located. The cost of real estate is high, there is a kind of housing, from the windows of which you can admire the sea surface.

Along with the center is popular and the district of New Sochi, it was built quite recently, there is an opportunity to buy housing in the primary market. Despite its youth, the district has good infrastructure, which makes it comfortable for rest and permanent residence. There are many shops and cafes here, shopping centers, private clinics, kindergartens and schools.

Areas on the map:

The best areas of Sochi for the second category

Adler district of Sochi has all the advantages of the city center with one exception is far from it. There are fewer tourists here, but still there is not, because it is here that all the main sports facilities are located. Microdistrict The resort town is one of the most prestigious places for summer holidays. A little does not meet the demand for the availability of exclusively local residents, but if you want to have near the sea, then this option is in principle excluded.

The most environmentally friendly region, characterized by its natural beauty is the Primorye region. Here, impeccable parks are broken, and the buildings are impressed by the exquisite architecture. A little farther from the sea you can get the perfect options for a quiet, cozy life. We also recommend paying attention to the area of Khost, which is famous for its landscapes, silence and safety. The cost per square meter in these neighborhoods is also high.

Areas on the map:

The best districts of Sochi for the third category

Lazarevsky district is chosen by those who want to live in Sochi in tranquility and silence, away from the bustle. True, we do not consider the coastal area. The most expensive real estate is in close proximity to the sea, but the farther to the mountains, the it becomes cheaper and thinner crowds of tourists. If you do not want to move away from the center, you should consider Mamayku, Dagomys. Who is not afraid of distances - Lazarevskoe and Golovinka.

Among the advantages of Lazarevsky district - the cleanest sea, one of the most beautiful beaches. The disadvantage is that the infrastructure is lagging behind, but the region is developing in this direction, so it is not only proximity to the sea and an excellent ecology, but also prospects. Perhaps it is here that the value of real estate will grow, in contrast to the center, where the price balances at a peak and is about to fall. If you listen to experts-retailers, they make out of all the districts of Sochi Dagomys.

Areas on the map:

The best areas of Sochi for the fourth category

The old formed districts of Sochi include Makarenko, Donskaya, Areda microdistrict and Hospital town, KSM microdistrict (Combine of building materials). From these areas to the sea by car, get from 8 minutes to half an hour, depending on the distance and traffic congestion. That is why they are not in demand with holiday-makers, only the local population lives here. At the same time, the districts can boast of a well-developed infrastructure. Out of advantages:

  • in the KSM micro district, the Sochi River flows, there are waterfalls and mountain forests;

  • in the district of Donskaya most of the infrastructure facilities (schools, gardens, shopping and entertainment centers);

  • microdistrict Makarenko was built in the 70-80's, so the infrastructure here is also in order, there are modern schools and kindergartens;

  • The hospital town is not rich in residential buildings, but here is the new LCD "Alpika Plus" with modern, comfortable apartments. The hospital town is bordered by the neighborhood of Areda, and this is school number 13, Sberbank, shops, cafes, children's versatile hospital and other.

Areas on the map:

All listed terrain is referred to sleeping areas that are ideal for living with children.

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