Buy an apartment in the summer on a summer residence - in the winter!

"Buy an apartment in the summer, and the summer residence - in the winter." "Why is it that you need to buy the cottage in winter?" - An astute reader astonished. From the apartment it is clear - in the summer is the time to go to the newly purchased housing repairs. And what to do to the cottage in winter?

So that's the caveat that you need to use the cottage in the summer! Therefore, you need to buy a country house long before the onset of the summer season in order to have time to finish the repair in the spring. No, well, it is true! Who spends their legal summer vacation cottages for repairs? At the cottage in the summer you need to rest!

So, with the theme dealt repair. What other reason to do it is buying villas in the winter? In fact, a compelling reason to few.

Buying a house in winter - cheaper!


Everyone has long known that even the most necessary thing is not in season, you can buy at a very affordable price. The season will be definitely more expensive. So imagine when it's easier to get a discount from the owner? In winter, when you are highly likely to find yourself the only one who showed an interest in the structure?

Or in the summer, when the old Russian custom of all realized it at the last moment, and want to see painted on the week ahead? And even it does not matter whether the villa is ready to receive new tenants right now, or is there yet to do repairs. In an equally old Russian custom of our people manage to "ruin" for the repair of the entire summer vacation.

Buying garden in winter - make offer!

Another important detail: in winter the people catastrophically do not have money, so the owner of the suburban real estate is easier to agree to give a discount to help out at least some money. It really is better than no money at all to sit, wait for the summer and the fear of a new round of crisis, when there is a possibility that in the near future at all nobody will buy expensive.

So after the holidays can be a very good purchase! Another psychological factor. Paying utility bills falls all year round, regardless, whether you live there or not. Compared with the cost of the house is, of course, little things, but in the absence of money on the psyche of presses, so that real estate in this case are more likely to come true.

Buying garden in winter - unexpected discounts!


Winter really has to to get quite so surprising discount. Weather disasters often lead to different consequences, resulting in a structure in the form of off-conditioned. Now imagine for a moment: you come to watch a house, and there is leaking roof! What is not a reason to demand a discount equal to the cost of a new roof?

The mere fact that the flow of the roof is unlikely should you so very confusing. If the cottage was built a quarter of a century ago, there in any case and will soon have a roof perestilat, and change windows, and do a host of other upgrades, the need for which is not yet clear. So it is logical to pass these costs on the shoulders of the previous owner, at least partially!

It is clear that in the spring of this trick will not work: the spring of every good host will come to see their possessions and bring them back in order. But unplanned buyer has a chance to thwart jackpot! Why do not you become the most successful buyer, who always lucky?

Buying a winter garden: New Year - in the country!

And even if you do not give the sky-high prices, as a country house will be in excellent condition and is suitable for housing, there is another reason to make a purchase right now. This reason - coming New Year. It's great to celebrate the New Year somewhere away from the bustle of the city! And to dress the Christmas tree in the woods, if you is that there is no wood in the area? And drink a bottle of champagne directly under the moon?

Buy cottage in winter! Advantageous in all respects!



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