Caring for country house

Nowadays more and more people own their own holiday home or private cottage. It is convenient and prestigious, but the newly minted owners of these mansions can be difficult to service a country house and grounds.

What is included in the service house or cottage?

Service country domagroup rarely think about what actually includes the familiar term "rent", and this value is the sum of payment for many contractors. This includes trash removal, use of communications, porches, repair services. Having moved out of the city, people deprived of these, in his opinion, basic things, and care of the house falls squarely on his shoulders.

Of course, these works are not vital, you can do without them, but whether such life is comfortable? After all, buying suburban homes people are trying to improve the standard of living, and not Vice versa! Scares the aspect of security, because nobody guarded house becomes an easy prey for attackers. Will throw challenges and clearing roads in the winter, and trash removal.

Hire a gardener or a janitor, set near the gate defenses, negotiate with the local craftsmen about a small repair is possible, but troublesome and expensive. The quality of work is no guarantee. You can cooperate with your neighbors and pool their savings to purchase the necessary care services country house qualified security and service companies. But what to do if you are not lucky with the neighbors?

However, there is a way out. It should be concerned about comfortable future life in advance. For example, in centralized cottage communities, which creates more company-Builder in advance care about creating a personal operating services, or enters into a contract with contractors for complex maintenance of country houses, ensuring a comfortable life in the village. Also provided round the clock security, without which a quiet stay impossible to imagine.

Services through special organizations

Comprehensive service country Domoto to do if your cottage is not included in this centralized village? Because maintenance of a country house?should be carried out regularly to ensure reliable operation of engineering systems. Of course, some work can be done independently in the case if you are an expert in this matter. There is a second option?–? to apply to specialized firms that provide services of this kind.

For maintenance it is necessary to assess the condition of the building and draw up a plan of action. This approach will ensure the smooth operation of engineering systems under the supervision of professional artists will be heating and plumbing, air-conditioning, gas boiler, Sewerage, etc.

The company is engaged in service of suburban housing, offer:

  • technical support at any time of the day;
  • travel experts around the clock;
  • maintenance;
  • engineering consultation.

Services full-service country houses can also enable garbage collection, property maintenance, garden work and stuff. This approach will allow you to get rid of the extra anxiety and hassle, freeing time for communication with family.

Источник: Allpn.RU

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