In Egypt will build the ultra-modern green quarter

In Cairo will be implemented an ambitious project of "green" building: a quarter area of 450 thousand square meters, which produces more energy than it consumes, will be built by 2019.

In Cairo, a project of the Belgian architect Vincente, Kalibo and with the support of the city authorities and investors to 2019. it is planned to build a residential quarter of The Gate Residence. According to the authors of the project, the new LCD will be the most modern building in Egypt: it will be equipped with solar panels, wind turbines and regenerative system of climate control, write the world's media.

With the help of solar panels a quarter will generate electricity independently, and to manage the level of its consumption. Moreover, the excess energy will go into a common grid of the Egyptian capital. With the geothermal pumps, the building block will be heated in winter (at night), and cool in the summer (afternoon). Hot water is expected to produce a natural and familiar way for the Mediterranean - water storage on the roof.

According to British newspaper "The Daily Mail", in a residential complex The Gate Residence is planned the construction of 1 thousand apartments, as well as the business, shopping and community centers. All of this will be located under a single roof patio, which is a hybrid between a solar panel and used roof. In addition, the architect Vincent, Caleb proposes to make facades with vertical gardening, placing each balcony is your mini-garden.

It is reported that the construction of the quarter the developer will begin in March 2015 in operation, The Gate Residence, will be introduced in 2019.


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