How competently to buy the land?

Are you going to buy a plot of land, then you must be very careful to see all the necessary documents.

1. First, make sure of the right to dispose of the land seller, this should be considered the following documents:

  • the seller on your hands should be a document confirming the right of a person to the land registered in the Registration Chamber;
  • when you make a certificate for the right to draw up the registration document basis. It can be in the form of a contract, certificate of inheritance or acceptance report;
  • cadastral passport is with a document that graphically depicts a plot of land, its location;

2. To protect yourself, ask the seller of land such documents:

  • a certificate from the local administration, which contains the full cost of the site and the entire property, which is located there;
  • Help, which clearly will be said that this area is not arrested and there are no prohibitions;
  • Help, which will be told that at this site there are no buildings and outbuildings.


3. Not out of place to ask this seller a passport, identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as:

  • necessarily notarized consent of the spouse of the agreement of the various transactions;
  • If the human family in which you decide to buy a plot of land, there are minor children, you need to show a resolution of the guardianship authorities.

Whatever the man, as they say, first impressions can be deceptive and not to make a mistake and then not to worry, ask the seller a certificate of neuropsychiatric and drug treatment clinics, which will be clearly diagnosed. If a person is registered in one of the clinics, the registration of the transaction may be canceled, and the end result can be left without money and land.

If the selected area does not have any build, you should read, by what right the land passed into the right to use the seller.

And if on this plot of land, construction began, you will need to make sure you have the following documents:

  • must be a project, which contains the entire layout of the territory;
  • contains the technical conditions for the addition of various utilities;
  • Finally, to be urban;
  • document from the special organs, such as architectural and Oversight, where everything has to be approved.

Perhaps one of the most important document for the construction of a resolution signed by the head of administration of the city or region, depending on who, where is the land.

Make sure that the land is not present unexpected gifts, such as:

  • the most important is the quality of the land;
  • to land has not been arrested and court bailiffs are not hindered in its further use;
  • it is worth noting the need for agreement on the sale of land by a spouse, as set out on a sheet of paper and certified;
  • added complexity may be, if the site is not only in the possession of the seller, and there are real estate investors who can legitimately lay claim to this land;
  • If the land is located in that territory, which is specially protected;
  • the absence of the seller the right to permanent use of land.

As practice shows, not always such transactions go smoothly, almost always have problems and errors, you need to avoid them:

  • Carefully read all the documentation offered by the seller, to take into account all the nuances;
  • If there are any difficulties in studying the entire set of documents, it is best to consult a qualified professional who understands all the intricacies of this case, will show you the existence of what some shortcomings.


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