How much it costs to buy a house from a movie star?

Few Hollywood actors of the first magnitude, among which are Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise put up for sale their homes.


According to the American press, many Hollywood stars at the moment put up for sale their houses and penthouses. However, the sale can not be called, American celebrities are constantly buying and selling real estate.

Homes, usually located in the most prestigious areas of California and new York and cost tens of millions of dollars.


Renee Zellweger

3e652215fca80485c45c2f6ecc8f653f.jpgRanch in Connecticut + house in new York
$ 1.6 million. + $ 4.4 million.




Bruce Willis


532a8bace2f932221ef35221f5dfcc1e.jpgVilla in Beverly hills $ 18 million.



Sarah Jessica Parker

f501ae6ecf30f8dd8a6d2ff70ec5037b.jpg Townhouse in new York to 19.9 million dollars.


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