Living room furniture

Белая гостиная

Without furniture it is impossible to imagine any room. For the main room of the house - a living room, there are several types.

Living room furniture:

  • for relaxation - couch, sofa, armchairs;
  • for technology and books - slides, walls, cabinets and racks;
  • additional - coffee tables, ottomans.


To create a common image of the interior of the living room, the furniture should be made in a single style, the color scheme.

1 example. Here the main colors are: brown, rich blue and turquoise. Dilutes paint - bright yellow, which we see on the cushions and on the ceiling.


2 example. In this photo we see the modernist style, represented by white color of upholstered furniture. It is complemented by dark gray pedestals, a coffee table and rugs. Smooth, rectangular forms of the interior a little knocks out a round table.


3 example. Before our eyes, minimalism is combined with the style of country. The coffee tables are equipped with wheels from the cart. An unusual decision was the placement of watches and one of the tables made in the form of an iron barrel.


4 example. The magnificent Art Nouveau style is made in mostly white color. A cozy soft sofa is complemented by pads of mocha. There is no such living room furniture, as walls and shelves. The shelves in this design are made of plasterboard right in the walls. The yellow highlight adds intimacy and comfort.


5 example. This interior belongs to the category of luxury. It is replete with objects, different living room furniture and decorative elements.


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