Luxury real estate in London buying customers from Russia

Speculative demand on real estate caused by the depreciation of the ruble has spread outside of Russia.

Speculative demand on real estate caused by the depreciation of the ruble has spread beyond Russia. British luxury property agencies note a significant increase in the activity of Russian clients. Basically bought the most expensive homes in prestigious areas of London at a cost of tens of millions of pounds, writes "The Telegraph".


"Currently about half a dozen wealthy Russian clients urgently looking for London property worth more than 20 million pounds, - leads edition of the word realtor Gary Became from Beauchamp Estates. - These can be private residences with a prestigious address, districts of Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Regents Park."

Demand for London property from wealthy Russians began to grow at the beginning of this year, but he was never so active as in December, said Bechamp. Changed the purpose of acquisition of real estate - now the Russians are buying it in as their London residence and for investment and earnings. "They [the Russians] have now begun to buy property in London for rent, as the Chinese do", - quotes "The Telegraph" agent.

The number of Russian customers has doubled this year, confirms the managing Director of a London real estate Agency Rokstone's Becky Fatemi. "Currently I have several Russian clients who want to spend up to 100 million pounds home in London," says Fatemi.

"The Telegraph" says that the Russians, who now consider buying property in London is, as a rule, businessmen from Moscow. Most of them consider the options suitable for families. They choose either a private home or apartment on the first floor of terraced houses and townhouses.

"The Daily Mail" says hundreds of "Russian oligarchs", who today are in the process of buying houses and flats in London.

"The Financial Times" also notes the growth of demand for UK property from buyers from Russia. The owners of the most expensive homes in London this year were businessmen from the Middle East and from countries of the former Soviet Union, writes the edition. From the market in recent months has left the house that formerly sold for years due its cost (25 million pounds) and sizes (from 1-2 thousand sq m).

The names of the Russians, despite the crisis, buying up the most expensive houses in London, not publicized. The last major deal, which became known to the British media, was the acquisition of Russian businessman Andrei Goncharenko most expensive private house in the UK - mansion Hannover Lodge in Regents Park for 120 million pounds. Edition of the Daily Mail, which reported the deal, calls the coach "the shadow oligarchs with offshore assets." Goncharenko was never included in the list of the richest people of Forbes, but he was seen on the French Riviera in close company with representatives of the Russian elite," adds the British newspaper. In the period since 2002. 2013. Goncharenko was a top Manager of the company "Gazprom invest Yug". According to the Daily Mail, the Russians are actively buying expensive property in London: for three years, he paid about 250 million pounds in four London mansion.

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