Real Estate in Latvia - a high-risk area!

Most recently was popular properties in Latvia, now raises concerns as the potential buyers. and the owners of houses, apartments and commercial real estate sector. The reason for that was the active discussion in the Parliament of Latvia, on the possibility of cancellation of the issuance of a residence permit for the Russians to buy real estate.


Local businessmen are against the relevant amendments to the national legislation, believing that it will hit the republic's economy.

At the moment, for the acquisition of Latvian citizenship dstatochno buy one property valued at 250 thousand. Euros, while the cadastral value of the object can not be less than 80 thousand. Euro.


Business against changes in immigration law

Many Latvian businessmen during December made a statement about the possible ban on the issuance of temporary residence permits to Russian citizens.

"Proposed amendments to expel citizens of the Russian Federation of the residence permit of the program seriously and permanently shatter the real estate market, because these customers are ensured the functioning of the market all the post-crisis period", - he said in an interview, executive director of the Nordic Choice Hotels Baltics Karlis Chakste. According to the businessman, regular discussions about what will happen next with the program of residence permit, since September inhibit the activity of the real estate market - no investor would not like unreliable.

The developer of eco-village Amatciems Aivar Zvirbulis believes that entire sectors of the Latvian economy will be doomed to destruction. "The viability of such sectors as real estate and construction, are under threat also completely ignores the fact that property buyers would provide an infusion of funds in virtually all sectors of the economy of Latvia, -. Businessman claims -. There is no doubt that the frequent change of rules of the game will bring more losses to local businesses than "punish Russia".

As the executive director of the construction firm AB Build Andris Boyars, possible changes in immigration policy means the death of investment attraction program, the bankruptcy of many businesses, as well as a new wave of unemployment and insolvency processes. "If the changes to the Immigration Act entered into force, I will be forced to lay off 200 employees out of 300," - says Andris Boyars.

According to him, only now it is implemented in Jurmala about 80 construction projects. If the changes in the law will come into force, it will lose most of the buyers of this property as a result of the new projects are completed, and the high number of long-term construction of houses will appear in Jurmala.


Winners residence permit subject to verification

Meanwhile, the chairman of the commission of the Diet on national security Solvita Aboltina (parliamentary bloc "Unity") has declared to agency LETA, that the individual units will be established in the Security Police of Latvia to deal with a residence permit. It will test how applicants for residence permits and those that previously it had already received.

"The fact that a person has a residence permit in Latvia, does not mean that is not analyzed his attitude to the country, public order and security, including national security," - added Aboltinja.

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