Sightseeing in Sochi

It is very long to enumerate Sochi, after all it is a southern resort located on the Black Sea coast, near the Caucasian mountains. This is the only city of Russia located in the subtropics, the region of the most northern subtropics in the world. So, in addition to beach recreation, there are many interesting things for every taste and purse.

In order to reduce the article to a legible size, we list the 10 attractions of the resort and the surrounding areas. We divide them into two categories: the most popular places located within the city and those that are at a certain distance from the center. Visiting the first necessarily all tourists, because they are located almost in walking distance from the beach. The latter are remote from the center, but are also popular with locals and visitors.

5 main attractions of Sochi

1. Парк Ривьера

The park was founded in the late 19th century by an entrepreneur from the merchant family Alexei Ivanovich Khludov. The main attraction of Sochi and Riviera Park are pink alleys. These are whole "plantations" of different varieties of roses. And if you think that one visit is enough, we assure you, it will not bother you to walk among the luxurious flowers. Every year, landscape designers create new forms and floral arrangements. The pink alleys of the Riviera Park are an ideal place for romantic dates. There is also an entertainment zone, a noisy part of the park, which houses the "Giant's House", the Mirror and Glass labyrinths, the Oceanarium, the exhibition gallery and various attractions.

Official site of the Riviera Park in Sochi:

2. Komsomolsky Square

Another great place for walking with a couple and with children. Cobbled paths, a fountain and lots of greenery will give peace. Literally a few steps, life boils, music from the waterfront cafes rattles, children are screaming at the beach, cars are scurrying back and forth. But in the park there is silence, only the rustling of leaves and the singing of birds are heard. In the square there is a monument to soldiers-internationalists.

3. Seaport of Sochi

It was built in the middle of the XX century, is on the list of monuments of federal significance. The spire of the tower is 71 meters long, along the edges there are 4 sculptures, symbolizing the seasons. Noteworthy and the surrounding area of the marina is a landscape garden, in which a fountain with a sculpture of the goddess of navigation is installed.

The site of the Seaport of Sochi:

 Морской порт Сочи  Морской порт Сочи

4. Luna Park

Located between Ordzhonikidze Street and Kurortny Prospekt, not far from the Sochi Art Museum. The park is buried in greenery, many flower beds and artificially created ponds with fish and turtles are broken. There is a fountain, a Ferris wheel and attractions such as the Castle of Horrors, cars, trampolines, carousels ... In a word, the children will be delighted!

5. Sochi arboretum

This is a huge park area, on which hundreds of species of tropical plants grow. Among them, Mexican agave, cork oak from Algeria and eucalyptus from Australia. Through the entire Arboretum there is a cable car, at the end of which there is an observation deck on the very top. Most tourists climb first upwards, and from there they begin to descend and admire nature. It's true, it's easier with a mountain ...

Official site of the Sochi Arboretum:

5 interesting places for curious tourists

And now we sit down on the car, the bus and go ...

1. Rosa Khutor

Ski resort of the European level. It was completely renovated and rebuilt to the "Olympics 2014". It is a separate city, which has everything for winter and summer holidays: trails for skiers and snowboarders, a beach area, cable cars, observation platforms, cafes, restaurants, shops, villas and hotels. All buildings are stylized for the architecture of the French Alps. And the main attraction is the town hall.

Of. site:

2. Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

Before reaching Krasnaya Polyana you will find an extreme park on the way, in which people jump into the abyss ... Here you can walk along the longest suspension bridge in the world and do bungee jumping. The most abrupt jump can be made from a height of 207 meters!

SkyPark was created in cooperation with a company from New Zealand. The ideological inspirer was the jumper D. Fedin.

Of. site:

3. Sochi Olympic Park

The territory of the Olympic Park includes the Olympic Village, the ice palace "Iceberg", the stadium "Fisht", the center "Adler-Arena", as well as a wonderful embankment, where people like to ride bicycles.

Of. site: олимпийский-парк.рф

4. Observation tower on Mount Akhun

If you are a nature lover, then this must be visited simply. The locals will tell you that the tower on the top of Mount Akhun is the most romantic place in the city. And also tell you a dozen legends about love and no less a number of terrible stories related to this place. The tower on Ahune was built in the first half of the 20th century. Its height is 30 meters, from which a magnificent panoramic view opens up. Around the stunning nature, and not far from the tower, drowning in the greenery, an abandoned restaurant collapses. The place is truly mystical, but be careful when deciding to visit it. No, they are not afraid of ghosts, but of the dilapidated buildings. Unfortunately, no one cares for him ...

5. Vorontsovskie caves

From the Host, through the settlements of Chestnuts and Red will move higher into the mountains, then before reaching the settlement of Vorontsovo there are Vorontsovskie caves. They have a safe sightseeing route, which allows visitors to enjoy the beauties of the underground kingdom. To date, there was nothing secret left in the caves, they were thoroughly investigated by the middle of the 20th century. As a result of the study it was found out that approximately 20 thousand years ago primitive people lived here. Archeologists have found arrowheads, shards, remains of household utensils, hunting and labor tools.


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