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St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. City of federal significance. The administrative center of the North-West Federal District and the Leningrad region.

St. Petersburg is the most important economic, scientific and cultural center of Russia, a major transportation hub, and the center of tourism in Russia. The historic center of St. Petersburg and its associated complexes of monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among the most significant cultural and tourist sites are the Hermitage, the Kunstkamera, the Mariinsky Theater, the Russian National Library, the Russian Museum, the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and Nevsky Prospect.

St. Petersburg is located in the north-west of the Russian Federation, within the limits of the Prinevskaya lowland. Occupying the coast of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland adjacent to the mouth of the Neva River and the numerous islands of the Neva Delta. On the territory of the city there is a zero mark of the system of counting heights and depths, which serves as a starting point for the leveling networks of several states. The total length of all water courses in St. Petersburg reaches 282 km, and their water surface makes up about 7% of the total area of ​​the city. During the existence of the city, the hydrological network has undergone significant changes. The construction of the city was conducted in a low swampy place and therefore required the construction of canals and ponds for drainage.

The climate of St. Petersburg is transitional from temperate continental to temperate sea with a small amount of solar heat entering the earth's surface. The influence of the cyclones of the Baltic Sea gives a hot, humid and short summer and a long, cold, wet winter. For the year in the city is on average 62 sunny days. Therefore, for most of the year, days with cloudy overcast weather, scattered lighting prevail. The so-called White Nights are observed in the city (it is customary to assume that they come on May 25-26 and end on July 16-17), when the sun drops below the horizon by no more than 9 ° and the evening twilight almost merges with the morning.

St. Petersburg was founded on May 16 (27), 1703 by Peter I.

Previous names:

  • until 1914 - St. Petersburg
  • until 1924 - Petrograd
  • until 1991 - Leningrad

From 1712 to 1918 the capital of the Russian state.

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Statistical data

5351935 - (чел.) Официально зарегистрированное кол-во жителей.
Стоимость жизни: 
12064.00 - (руб.) Чем выше значение, тем дороже жизнь в регионе.
Средняя з/п: 
57409.00 - средняя заработная плата в регионе, руб.
32374.00 - Средняя стоимость аренды 2-комнатной квартиры в административном центре.
114132.00 - (руб.) Средняя стоимость 1 кв.м по городу
530 - (тыс.тонн) Выбросы загрязняющие атмосферу (чем выше значение, тем хуже)
710.00 - (кол-во преступлений на 100 тыс. чел.) Чем ниже значение, тем безопаснее в регионе.
77.50 - (число врачей на 10 тыс. чел.) Чем выше значение, тем лучше.
1009.60 - (число вновь заболевших на 1 тыс. чел.) Чем ниже тем лучше.
Врожденные аномалии: 
2.50 - (число человек с врожденными аномалиями на 1 тыс. населения) Чем ниже, тем лучше.
Статистика абортов: 
34.00 - (количество абортов на 100 родов) Чем ниже, тем лучше.
545 - (кол-во студентов ВУЗов на 10 тыс.чел.) Чем выше, тем лучше.
Количество солнечных дней в году: 
Средняя температура января, °C : 
Средняя температура июля, °C : 
О городе: 

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Average cost per square meter of housing in St. Petersburg (March 2018)

Type of housing The cost of 1 square meter
1-room 115 862
2-rooms 113 838
3-rooms 112 696
Total (average) 114 132

According to the site, calculated on the basis of the analysis of available offers.

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