TOP -5 of the most beautiful castles in France you can buy

Medieval castles and fortresses adorn many landscapes of Europe. Some of them today are in ruins, while others, on the contrary, are in excellent condition and are even looking for new owners ...

Buyers of expensive real estate in France should take a closer look at the medieval castles. Classical chateaux are still represented in French major cities and provinces: some of them are small in size, others are luxurious palaces.

Recall Chateau (Fr. Chateau) - adopted in France, the name of the country manor house of the highest aristocracy and generally nobility, often with a park and winemaking.

The British edition of The Telegraph compiled a list of the five most beautiful French chateaux for sale.

5. The future owners of this chateau in the Indra area will be able to visit their own chapel. The castle with six bedrooms has been completely restored. Nearby is a guest house and a farm building. The land area is 36 acres (14.5 hectares). Chateau is put up for sale for 795 thousand euros.


4. To every day to relax in the resort, do not necessarily go to hot countries. In the castle in the Dordogne region there is a salt water pool. The building stands surrounded by beautiful French-style gardens. The cost of the building is 1 million euros. eb147a600df559afdc463c7ba4612537.jpg

3. The castle in the photo is in the Cantal array. It boasts 13 bedrooms with an impressive interior. In total there are 25 rooms in the building, and the total area of the chateau is almost 850 sq. M. Here you can find many items of the XVI and XIX centuries, including ancient weapons. The castle has a wine cellar and a sauna. Nearby are the chapel and a separate guest house. The cost of the chateau is 1.45 million euros. 7000bdd2e8de496ef5137adfc0fb261a.jpg

2. This castle in Paris is suitable for a large family. The building has five bedrooms, several bathrooms, and a large double-sided fireplace with original patterns. The house has a large study, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Nearby is the guest house. The castle is sold for 1.5 million euros. eb147a600df559afdc463c7ba4612537.jpg

1. Do you dream of your own small Versailles? Such a castle is on sale in the Ile de France area. It was built in the XVII century in the architectural style of Louis XIII. In the restored castle there are 16 bedrooms. The building is located on a fairly large plot of land. But most importantly - not far from the chateau in 2020. a metro line connecting Paris and Orly will be built. The cost of the castle is 25 million euros. c22c2f3e202dbf999b6a692ff6a05dba.jpg


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